Welcome to Koplimadise farm!


Our homestead dates back to 1892. We are located in the village of Maeru on the southern border of Keila municipality in Harju County, 37 km from Tallinn.

Besides tourism, our farm is engaged in cattle-breeding and crop growing. Pigs, horses, a goat, cats and a dog are the farm animals on our farm that have persisted over time. Trout and some other fish swim in the pond. Thus we are trying to offer our guests a flavour of today’s Estonian farm life and put some tasty dishes made of our farm produce on the table for them.

The farm has grown considerably over the years: ruins have become roofed buildings, wild undergrowth has become a forest park and swampy puddles have become ponds. Therefore it has not been considered too much to award our farm the national title of “Best Estonian Farm 2003”.

Places close to us:
Vasalemma River, 15 min walk
Vasalemma Manor, 4 km
Lake Rummu, 5 km
Padise Monastery (14th century), 10 min drive
Klooga beach, 15 min drive
Ohtu Manor, 10 min drive
Bus stop, 350 m
Railway station, 3 km


Weather at Koplimadise